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How do I get a background for my PS3?


How do I import a picture from the in-console browser to the PS3, then to the background? I don’t want to use a digital camera.

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  1. Internet broswer–>images.google.ca–>search something up–>go to the page where the pic is in the upper left hand corner–>press start–>save file.

  2. yeah do the google thing, or if you want themes for free [url is not allowed] just google ps3 themes you can use the browser on your ps3 or your computer. Themes are the background picture and the xmb you can change them both if you want simple to do check it out. Hope you find what your looking for.

  3. I put my pictures on a flash drive, in the pictures folder and then put it in the ps3. Just make sure you press triangle to access or it will say there is nothing in the flash drive.

  4. Go to your internet browser, then go to google images, look for an image, then clickon it to enlarge it, then press triangle, then go to “File”, then click on “Save Image” then exit the browser if your done, and go to “Images” it should be there.

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