Home Playstation Forum how do i find my ps3 friend code?

how do i find my ps3 friend code?


i know it seems stupid but I cant find my code on my ps3

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  1. if your looking for your own friend code go all the way Right in the XMB and look at the top name on the list. It should show your name. If your looking for your friends name or a friend you played with go to add friend and select Input PSN I.D. or go to the players met and look in there.

  2. there isn’t any friend code

    your psn ID is all you need

    unlike the wii you just add friend using the friends section on the xmb

    put in their psn ID and select add a friend and send a friend request

    they get the message and add you and your connected in any game ( you can also get a psn ID through the players met list – it shows the name and game they were playing when you met )

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