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How can I use my PS3 controller with my PC?


I want to play Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 on my PC with my PS3 controller, but I can’t assign the controllers to the game? What do I need to do?
I already connected the controller with the PC and the software was already installed.

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  1. get the usb cord you charge your ps3 controller with and put it in your usb port on your computer then if it doesn’t find your controller install it(go to your control panel) if these don’t work look on the game controller options

  2. I have done this, but be advised on what software you use. You can probably find the software for it on Google after using the USB cord to hook it up. I have tried this, but I got an immediate Trojan virus and had to send in my computer to get it wiped. Be careful.

  3. You’ll need the USB Cable, the PS3 PC Driver located in my link, follow the directions. You can then use your controller on your PC as a Joystick/Game-pad. You’ll need to set up the controls within the game you wish to use it on. – Good Luck.

    EDIT: If you’ve already got the controller installed but you cant get it setup in the game as a gamepad, download Xpadder. Xpadder simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad – so you can set each button on your controller to a key on your keyboard/mouse – fiddle until you get it right, and all should work great.

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