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How can i reset my ps3 video settings without holding the power button?


I have heard that if you hold the power button for 3 seconds it will reset the video settings of a playstation 3 console and I need to do this. But the power button on my ps3 doesn’t work so is there any other way i can reset the settings? thanks =]

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  1. yes u can change the video settings without holding the power button for 3-5 seconds.

    so im assuming ur turning on ur ps3 with the controller’s ps button.

    so u got a sdtv and a hdtv and u want to reset it so it works on 1 of the 2.

    let’s say u are trying to set it to hdtv from the sdtv video settings.

    1. turn on the ps3

    2. go to the settings icon

    3. go to the display settings

    4. change it to whatever u want to change it to under the display settings

    5. follow the on screen instructions. and u got the ps3’s video settings changed

    without holding down on the power button

    *during this process, ur sdtv screen will turn black and the screen will show up on the hdtv. at this point, u can disconnect the sdtv from the ps3 and continue on with the hdmi cord plugged in as u are using ur hdtv as the video source.

  2. well you first have to turn off your console when you turn it on you have to hold the power button until you hear a beep, once you hear it let go of the power button and it should reset the video settings

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