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for someone who has never played an RPG before what RPG game would you reccomend?


for the ps3. I just about got the sims 3 on my pc so no space to play RPGS on there lol

I’ve never played an rpg before but they look interesting to play and I thought I’d give one a try. what would you reccomend?
Not entireley sure :/ some games I can only do a couple hours maximum and other games i’ve played like assassins creed 2 I could play literally all day! lol so I guess it depends what kind of action is involved and stuff.

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  1. Final Fantasy 13, Demon’s Souls, and Oblivion are TERRIBLE as FIRST TIME RPGs. The first Final Fantasy would’ve been good to start with but that’s like NES old; the series has gotten more and more complicated through the years. Demon’s Souls is extremely unforgiving, i do not recommend as a first rpg. Oblivion is just overwhelming, as the game offers 100s of hours of gameplay. I’d only recommend these games if you’ve decided that you absolutely love rpg’s.

    Fallout 3 has the advantage of also being an FPS so you can enjoy that aspect of it even if you don’t like rpg’s.

    A much better intro to the genre this generation would probably be 3D Dot Game Heroes, which looks a little silly because it’s a throwback to old school rpg’s, mainly because of the pixelated graphics (done on purpose) and the simple gameplay, but it’s fun.

    Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean are also good beginner rpg – easy to grasp and beautiful to look at.

    Deathspank is a good example of an intro to hack-n-slash rpg’s and is easy to pick up (you can download that demo if you wanna try it).

    If you like super heroes, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a nice rpg.

  2. For PS3? Demon’s Souls is one that is relatively easy to grasp. Partially in part because of its monetary system that only utilizes “souls” for everything like leveling up, buying healing items and learning spells and miracles.

    Other RPGs have 2-3 separate system for items, spells, leveling up, etc. It could be pretty hard to understand.

    The two things that may shy you away to this game are: 1. the first playthrough’s relative difficulty. You will die a lot but I will give you tips now: don’t “run-and-gun” or run-and-slash for that matter, have a creative, evasive way to defeat even the weakest enemies and just keep your cool coz in Demon’s Souls, you will die a lot. and; 2. the technical terms within the game pertaining to the weapons, armors, etc.

    “Farming” for souls is really a helpful process to get you through the difficult and long first playthrough.

    But worry not, when you pick up a copy of Demon’s Souls, there are a bunch of wikis online to help you through it.

    If you want a less hard core RPG, try out the latest Death Spank game. It is pretty easy to grasp too. Though it is a little cartoonish, it is still fun.

  3. The Eldar Scrolls IV: Oblivion. get through the boring 1st hour and that game is just. wow. or if your more into gun than swords try Fallout 3. Bethesda (who makes both games) makes the most amazing first person RPG’s. if i had to choose which was the better game, id have to say oblivion.

    or if you want retro RPG. get Final Fantasy VII. the greatest RPG of all time. avaliable via PS1 disc or $15 odd dollars from the PSN store.

  4. RPGs are for dedicated players, because usually the first 5 hours or so are incredibly boring. After that, the game picks up the pace, but RPGs really take a LOT of time. I know I didn’t answer your question, Im just helping you out if you want rpgs or not.

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