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Final Fantasy X Version Question?


So i played ffx like 6 years ago and recently decided i would buy a copy of it to play again.

What i want to know is which version of the game i have. As i understand it there’s an English version, a Japanese version, and an International version (which has penance and the dark aeons)

With the game that i have, everything is in English, except for the cut scenes which are in Japanese( with English subtitles).

Also, i can buy sphere distillers at multiple shops like o’akas and rins which i don’d remember being able to do before.

And lastly, i just got Tidus’ celestial weapon which should be called Caladbolg, but here it’s called Ultima Weapon.

Do i have a half Japanese half English version lol?

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  1. It is hard to say. Final Fantasy International versions are ussually English Audio with Japanese Subtitles, not Japanese Audio with English Subtitles. Though this could have happened with it going to Europe.

    Interesting thing is the Final Fantasy X Europe Version was the International Version and was the Only International Version that was Released outside of Japan, but it was not tagged as the International. (every international games is tagged as one, So instead of it just saying Final Fantasy X, it would say Final Fantasy 10 International).

    Though their is a Unique detail to the disc

    The Main One is on the left side of the disc their should be a Region Mark Which is placed under the Plastaion Logo (not the name). The US and Japan Versions Regional Mark is NTSC U/C, if it was the European Version it would say PAL.

    If it is a NTSC U/C and does not say International on the disk, it is probably a boot legged version of the Original Japanese version, with a Unofficial Translations. (Such as how Ultima Weapon instead of Caladbolg). You see this alot with the Fire Emblem Series.

    If it is a PAL, well congrats you have the European International Version of Final Fantasy X.

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