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Does Xbox LIVE worth so much that my parents buy a Xbox 360 for me?


I want to get a Xbox 360 because all of my friends have Xbox, and that the online is so good. But my parents bother to pay for 40 bucks a year. I keep getting high grades and honor rolls but they don’t want to buy Xbox 360. Does Xbox LIVE worth so much that my parents will buy Xbox 360, or should I buy PS3 instead? Because Xbox has better online, graphics, and price at beginning.

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  1. Agreed xbox offers more and there are alot more players. Why do you think bill gates is the richest person in the world. Microsoft wins. I dont think anybody even knows the name of sonys owner

  2. Dude Xbox live is like 8 dollars a month. and if you just start out you get 3 free months. and when you start out they have the best deals, like sometimes 3 dollars for a month or 7 for 3 months

  3. Xbox is better than a PS3, It may have free online, but it is crappy. Xbox has the better advantage over the PS3

  4. YES YES YES, you want to get an xbox, although you have to pay for xbox live which is about £35 a year the online is much better than PS3. I’m not just saying this because i own a xbox, i have also owned a PS3 and xbox live is much much better. In order to persuade your parents tell them it is good for talking with your friends and saves you being on the street getting drunk, or something along that line. TBH on the graphics side of it, they dont really differ to be honest but i think xbox has better graphics. You are able to do much more on xbox live compared to PS3. So yh, you want to get an xbox not a PS3, and remember xbox live didnt get hacked and shut down for about a month. 🙂

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