1. If the other account is not a sub account then yeah , any master account can have funds added to it , but if its a sub account then No , you can not add funds onto a sub account or an account that says the user is under 18 years old.

    You would have to sign back into the master account to add funds , if you were getting harassed just report the users who are doing it then block them , there is a report and block option for a reason so use it.

    to report someone just click the messages , press triangle and select report from the options , this sends a copy of the harassing message to Sony who can then suspend or ban the user , after you report a message click triangle and block the user , this makes it so that person can never send you any messages and will not be in any game lobbies that you are in. if you just want to block someone who did not send any messages to you look for them on the players met list and block them

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