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Can you get Free Microsoft Points?


Is there a way to get Free Microsoft Points? And not those point generators for Free Microsoft Points because they don’t give you any Free Microsoft Points at all, just aim to steal your account or inject a virus in your computer.

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  1. Yes there sure is. Its a new game like “Who Wants To Be A Million Air” except its on xBox and you win Microsoft Points, the game is called “1 Vs. 100” its a free download and its fun, but the only thing is, you cant play it anytime you want, there is times scheduled. As mentioned above, there are no Microsoft Point Generators, it is all ran through the Microsoft Server, the Microsoft Points are not stored through your email. And, all the generators will do, is take your email & password from your email, which will let them recover your profile on someones else’s Xbox 360 which will also give the person your email & password. You cannot hack or cheat to get Microsoft Points.

  2. There is no way.

    Thats like asking if there is a way to get free money.

    There are generators that can apparently generate MS Point codes, but I’ve never downloaded one (chances are they are full of viruses and other sh!t you don’t want on your harddrive.)

  3. Exactly, don’t use those Xbox Live Generators, all they do is infect you with a virus or steal your account information.

    The only site I could find was points2shop, they offer daily surveys (don’t do the FREE OFFERS, some have spyware in them). Complete the registration, then click on Earn Points and then Daily Surveys. Once you have enough points, you can buy an Xbox Points Card (or anything) from Amazon. Takes about a month of surveys to get enough to get it free. Sign up here: [url is not allowed]

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