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Can you burn or copy X-Box 360 video games?


I would like an easier way to get X-Box 360 games, is they’re a way i could borrow one of my friends’ games and copy it onto another disc? If so, is it safe and what are some websites, programs, etc. that help you find out how to?

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  1. yes, thats the only way my friend does it. He has never bought a game ever for his 360. His xbox is “moded” though.whatever that means.

  2. u can buy some games in xbox live marketplace but u can buy a mod chip and install it that allows u to copy games but dont go on xbox live u will get banned and assing a mos chip will void ur warranty

  3. No, it is Illegal to copy any XBOX 360 discs onto other discs, and you would need to be well informed about hacking game consoles to do so anyways. Dont try it. People work years to make these games, and deserve money for it. This would be stealing and is punishable by law. Your best bet is to buy USED games at any place that sells them, or you can find some sites online where you can swap Game-for-game with other people. If either of those options don’t appeal to you, simply borrowing your buddies’ games, and when your finished with them, return them. Thats what I do and its usually fine with them.

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