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Can the ps3 console be turned on without its controller?


I am trying to turn on my ps3 that hasn’t been touched in a while, but it won’t turn on with the controller. The controller doesn’t even blink or even charge. However my ps3 has a green light when I turn it on by finger button. Do you think my controller is the problem and not the ps3 itself

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  1. I have a ps3 and you got press the button in the middle of the controller not any button and the ps3 will open right away.

  2. The problem is the controller because if the green light is on then the PS3 is on. You can turn it on with the power button on the console itself of course. If you do that the controller won’t come on until you hit the PS button on it.

  3. Well, as you’ve just proven, you can obviously turn it on yourself by the power button. So obviously, yes of course you can turn it on without its controller. It just doesn’t mean you can actually do anything without the controller.

    If the controller doesn’t work, then it’s most likely discharged. So plug it in to charge it, and then see what happens. If it won’t charge or won’t turn on at all, then it’s probably completely dead, in which case you’d need a new controller.

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