Home Playstation Forum can the PS3 40 gig play ps2 games?

can the PS3 40 gig play ps2 games?



  1. No. Its the only one that cannot.

    From source link:

    “* 40GB PlayStation®3 System:

    This model of the PLAYSTATION®3 system is designed to play PLAYSTATION®3 format software and has limited backward compatibility. This system is not compatible with and will not play PlayStation®2 format software. Some PlayStation® format software may play on this system.”


    The 80GB is not the only one that can play PS2 games. I have a 60GB and it plays PS2 games fine. The 40GB is the ONLY PS3 AT THIS TIME that CANNOT play PS2 games. Notice the source link only states the 40gb cannoyt play them.

  2. NO! The 80 gig is the only one that has backwards compatability do not listen to the people who say yes they are wrong (no offense people) dont buy the 40 if you want to play your ps2 games

  3. Only with the 20GB, 60GB, and 80GB models can you play PS2 games. Both of the 20GB and 60GB models use the PS2 hardware to play those games. It will play about 98% of PS2 games. The 80GB PS3 only plays about 75-80% of PS2, because it uses software to play those games. Both of the 20GB and 60GB PS3 have been discontinued.

    The 40GB PS3 does not and NEVER will be able to play PS2 games.

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