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Can the Playstation 4 play Playstation 3 games?


I remember once upon a time, my Playstation 2 played Playstation 1 games (I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

And my Playstation 3 could play Playstation 2 games. ( I think, correct me if I’m wrong though. xD)

So can the Playstation 4 play all? Or at least Playstation 3? Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated peeps!

(And by the way, is it true the PS4 is already sold out in stores?)

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  1. Ps4 is to be sold out. The pre-orders are meant to be and the pre pre orders also. As for your question, I do not really know. The ps2 you could play certain ps1 games on it. As for the ps3, I don’t think ps2 ones worked on it, as it is kinda all new blue ray, hd stuff.

  2. Ps4 is NOT backwards comparable. Maybe I later models? Consider waiting.and yes the ps3 can play ps2 games.

  3. No. The PS4 uses a completely different architecture than the PS3 and is not backwards compatible, at all. There is talk of possibly porting and streaming PS1/2/3 games through Gaikai service which starts 2014, but there’s no official word on exactly when the games will be made available.

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