Home Playstation Forum can someone help? how do i do this?

can someone help? how do i do this?


my friend doesn’t have internet at his house, but he has a ps3. if i got rock band songs, and downloaded them, how could i get them onto his ps3?
hes not the kind of guy who would approve of taking his ps3 to my house

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  1. Bring his Ps3 to your house and put your account on his ps3. Go to the PSN store and view downloads. hit the little buttons that says download and it should re-download it on his ps3 for no charge. But do not delete your account of of his ps3 because it will erase the songs. For additional help contact me via PSN (bug173)

  2. The only option would be for him to go somewhere with his PS3 where he can access the internet, add your account to his PS3, and redownload the songs.

    If he doesn’t approve of taking his PS3 to your house, I don’t really see how he can do it, as he needs your account PSN name and password. I suppose, in the end, it comes down to how much he wants the Rock Band songs. I’m assuming you are sharing for free, so he might want to reconsider.

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