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Can i switch my PS3 hard drive into another PS3 and get it functional?


Im trying to figure out maybe a fix for the YLOD. What i want to find out is if its possible to switch a hard drive from a Playstation with the YLOD to a Playstation who cant read disks and get a working Playstation. I fixed my Playstation when it couldn’t read disks so maybe when i switch the hard drives i can fix the Playstation that cant read disks. Why im doing this is because on ebay, people sell their systems for $10 just because they cant read disks and id rather pay $10 on a possible fix than a $150.

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  1. Switching the HDD from one PS3 to another will require a format.

    If you are trying to do this to get the information off of the HDD, you are out of luck, unless you can see the XMB on the PS3 you are trying to get info off of, or if you did a back up.

    If you are just trying to get a PS3 to work with an HDD, yes, it will work, but the HDD will still have to be formatted when put in to a different PS3 (all PS3s use the exact same spec HDD, so they are all interchangeable).

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