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Can i put my old HDD drive from the xbox pro to the xbox arcade?


I just found out that my xbox 360 pro is broken for good and i need a new one can i just buy a xbox arcade and put my old HDD drive onto the arcade?

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  1. first depending on how long you have had the xbox pro it is probably under warrant with microsoft so call 1-800-4my-xbox and tell them what the problem is. If you have 3 red lights known as the RROD(red rings of death) they will fix it immediately. I had a similar problem as you, my 360 had the RROD i went and bought a new one i got the elite this time and then shortly after I bought the elite microsoft out a press release saying they have extended their warranties for all consoles with the RROD issue so i called them up and they sent me a box and i sent in my console ONLY (no wires or cables) and i got it back within a week. As far as the HDD ya it will work on any console and you will have all your arcade games and everything. (you may have to download them again but you wont have to pay for them again.)

  2. First, you should call Microsoft and see if they will repair it for free and if not, how much it will cost. If they won’t fix it for free and it would cost more to get it fixed than you are willing to pay then you can buy an arcade and use your old hard drive with it. However, some of the games you downloaded might go back to the trial version and you would need to call Microsoft so they can unlock them without you having to pay again.

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