Home Xbox Forum Can I please have an xbox live trial code?

Can I please have an xbox live trial code?


I appreciate your answer    ►MLG◄   E X T A C Y. I also found that site and it seemed legit. However, I tried one of my code cards that said it expired 6/30/08 and it worked!

As for the other comments, my credit cards were stolen and I canceled them. My bank is sending me new cards, so I got it from here. I appreciate your help with the matter though. It never crossed my mind that I could “go spend the money” to buy one! I think I’ll just have my mom pay for my subscription from now on!

I just hope you answer other people’s questions with as much thought and help as you did mine!

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  1. I know a guy name snipa on stickam.com, he is a pro gamer, lol might be you, but you used to be able to get them for free, the 48 hour ones, but i cannot find any sources except gaming lagoon, which is working for like 3 hours straight doing surveys the being emailed the code lol.

  2. Quit being cheap and spend the money and get a membership.or better yet buy a game that comes with a trial.

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