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Can I improve my internet speed to improve online play on PS3 or my computer?


My internet seems to be running slowly. I mainly use it to play games online on PS3 and my connection is limited to certain people or servers, and im very “laggy” on some games. Im playing COD Modern Warfare 2. I did a speed test and it is showing 0.60 Mb/s on the computer and the PS3 i believe. Is there some port i need to open or is there something im missing in the network connections on the playstation? Here’s some other information: I’m using a wireless connection with a Actiontec router, i dont use proxy or Upnp on the ps3, and our dsl provider is verison. I live in Texas. Any help of any kind would be usefull. Thanks.

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  1. If possible, use ethernet. It will greatly improve your connection.

    I too have not enabled proxy and im fine. Not great, but ok.

    Internet speed largely varies by location, so if you live in a bad spot youre out of luck. Conversely, you can also check to see if your Wireless Network Interface Card needs tweaking or is simply out of date. These usually come built into computers now a days

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