Home Playstation Forum can i download full and free games from the playstation market?

can i download full and free games from the playstation market?


i have heard that i can download games from the playstation store but i am trying to figure out if i can download full and free game from the playstation store or only demos for free(even if i have a ps+ membership)

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  1. Demos, of course, are always free.

    There are some free games on PSN, but they’re mainly advertisements for companies. For instance, there was one from Doritos (snack chip)

    If you PS+ then you will get information about this month’s specials, which games you can play for free (the full version) and so on.

  2. *copy n past*

    DUST 514

    DCU Online

    Free Realms

    Buzz! Quiz Player

    Jetpack Joyride

    Blue Toad Episode 1

    Sam & Max Episode 1

    TWD Episode 1

    Back to the Future Episode 1

    Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

    Tekken Revolution


    Spartacus Legends

    DeathMatch Village

    Capcom Arcade Cabinet

    MLB 13 The Show Home Run Derby Edition

    Pinballistik (think this went free this week) < << Edit not all “full” games.some of these are multiplayer only, some are singleplayer & some are both SP & MP, also i don’t know if they are all “still” free or not & u should know some are only free depending on the region accounts u got, like some i didn’t list are only on the Asian stores, what i listed (obviously there are more) are on the US & EU stores, i didn’t list any Vita titles, plus there are more on the way for PS3/V/4.

  3. if you have a plus membership you get full games at no cost , demos are always free but plus members also can get access to full game trials for many games – this lets you download the full game and play for one hour

    you won’t get trophies unless you buy the game but the full game trail lets you play the full retail version instead of a small demo section and that makes it easier to decide if you like the game enough to buy it

    edit , only certain games are free with plus , see link



    they add new games every month and sometimes take old ones off the free list , you also get discounts and other things

    even if you are not a plus member a few games are free to play , dust 514 , dc universe online , free realms and others are free but limited unless you buy something or subscribe

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