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Battlefield 3 on pc or ps3?


I need to know if I should get it on ps3 to play with my brother or on pc except that I only have a nVidia GT520 and im not sure if it will squeeze out enough FPS to be able to enjoy it

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  1. I would do PC. 1st of all better Graphics, Console BF3 is equiv to “Low” on PC, and in the future if you get a job or w.e you can always upgrade to max it. Plus your not locked into the consoles already half decade old hardware & the lifespans. A GT520 Should be perfectly capable of Pushing out good FPS on lower settings.

    You can always plug a PS3 or 360 controller to the PC via the USB cable that cable with PS3/Controller to use if you prefer controllers as-well

    For the downrater: BF3 was made FOR the PC & console versions are the ports. also if you dont believe me about the graphics, heres from the devs themselves.

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  2. If your PC can run it at all, it’s best to get it on PC. The maps are much bigger, with more vehicles, and you can play 32v32 instead of 12v12 that the consoles use. Plus there’s no substitute for aiming with a mouse. Sticks just aren’t as accurate.

  3. Truth is, only hardcore Battlefield gamers really have a high-end PC to run the game.

    There is nothing wrong with how the game plays or looks on a console. Ps3 or 360.

    The only main difference for the ordinary gamer between console and PC is the amount of players you can have in a lobby, PC players can have something like twice the amount of players in a lobby and some objective based game-modes have more objectives in a map than consoles, for instance, if you play ‘Conquest’ on a console, you may have 5 objectives to take or defend, while on some maps, PC gamers can have 7.

    But that’s about it really!

    In my opinion.

    You could spend A FORTUNE on upgrading your PC to run the game on full settings, but it could be money wasted if you forget to upgrade something or even if it’s just Battlefield you want to play.

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