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Are 360 graphics superior to PS3?


I have a PS3 but looking into getting an Xbox 360 soon with Kinect. I am just curious about the graphics. I will get it either way.

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  1. The graphics on the Ps3 (the better console btw) are more realistic looking. The graphics on the 360 (the inferior console) has only a little bit more color, which makes many games look somewhat “cartoony”.

  2. PS3 has better graphics

    360 just uses more colors and non-exclusives are built on the 360 then ported to the PS3 witch is why u cant really compare them, if u could compare exclusives from both systems u would c the PS3 is better, anyways with that said i have to pay real close attention to see the differences.

  3. The graphics are great, especially now that it has an HDMI port. I’m hoping you keep both since there are great things about each of them.

  4. It really depends on the game. I notice smoother animations on the PS3, but more detail on the 360. Both are really great, but neither are perfect. Keep both. Play the games, not the graphics.

  5. Yes. The PS3 uses RSX chip, which is basically identical to the Nvidia 7800GTX graphics card, and it is inferior to the 360’s Xenos chip, based on the newer ATi X1950 architecture.

    That is why a lot of multiplatform games like Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption perform better on the 360, than the PS3, but only slightly. There are some games where the PS3 looks better, such as Vanquish, Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Age Origins.

    Unless you put them side by side, you’ll never actually notice the differences, most of the time.

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