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9gb demo for infamous?


i just downloaded it and now im down to 1193mb on my ps3 why would it need 9gb to download the demo?
i dont understand how did this happen it says the file should only be 1.2 gb not almost 9 gb

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  1. check your save game data folder. i just had the same problem today. Do you have a 40gb ps3 or do you have one thats higher? I had to go out today and buy a external hard drive.

  2. i just downloaded the demo and its only 1388mb ( ithink which is 1.4gb if u round up) if a demo was 9gb that should be a whole playstation2 game if they made games on 4.7 dvd’s, so theres no way its 9gb u must be reading somethin wrong or maybe that how much gigs u got left

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