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2 ps3 slim questions?


i just got a ps3 today, and i was wondering two things. 1. how do i put my system into standby mode, and 2. how do i prevent my ps3 from overheating. i just turned it on for like 45 mins and the back of the system was burning hot. i put my system on the carpet so i have if i need to find a new place to put it please tell me. THANK YOU! 😀

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  1. Hold the power button down to put the PS3 in stand by mode. You can also hold the PS button down in the middle of the controller. When the screen comes up, select the Turn PS3 Off. You can also put it in stand by mode by selecting off in the Cross Media Bar (XMB), which is the PS3 main menu: XMB > Users > Turn Off System

    NEVER put your PS3 on carpet. If you put your PS3 on the floor, put something solid down for the PS3 to sit on, such as a piece of wood or a book. The carpet will cover the vents and cause it to overheat quickly. If you are going to put the PS3 on carpet, you might as well throw it away now.

    You should have about 3 feet of space surrounding the PS3 on all sides the vents are on. This will make sure it gets enough air to circulate and keep it cool. Never put it next to another electronic device, as other electronics also create heat, which will not help the PS3. Never put the PS3 on a shelf above other electronics. Heat rises. The PS3 should always be below other electronics.

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