Home Playstation Forum pass online code problem! (tekken tag 2 ) ps3?

pass online code problem! (tekken tag 2 ) ps3?


i have tekken tag 2 and the pass online code came with the CD but my brother delete his profile and the save data so i delete mine ( save data ) because i wasn’t able to play on my save data i dont know why?

when i want to play tekken tag 2 online i was asked for the pass code when i put the code

the code dosnt work what should i do to play online again

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  1. if the online pass was redeemed on your brothers account and he deleted it you’ll have to buy another pass , look in the playstation store under add-ons and pay the $10 or buy a new copy of the game that has a valid code

    the save data does not matter , it’s the profile that the pass was locked to

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