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Your opinion on how Sony fell in the console wars?


Why do you think Sony went from the huge leader in consoles to 3rd place? I couldn’t find anything like this on google so I thought I’d ask you guys.

Here’s my opinion.

First off I’m not a fanboy against playstation. I’ve been a playstation kid since I was 5 and now I’m 16. I grew up with the PS1 and PS2 and now thanks to the recent price drop I’m getting the PS3. They’ve been a part of my childhood and well beyond. But anyways, here’s why I think started it’s fall to 3rd.

-It came out a year later than the 360 because sony was working on Blu-Ray.

-That made developers frustrated and a lot of them went multi platform and Playstation lost a lot of exclusives.

-The console was too expensive at launch. The Blu-Ray drive simply was too far ahead of it’s time, which yanked up the price.

-By the time it was dropped to an affordable price, it was too late.

Sony should have never built in Blu-Ray. It hurt it in price and time. They should have made a blu-ray player add on for the PS3 and they should have saved built in blu-ray and blu-ray games for the PS4. Imagine if they decided to slap a dvd player in the ps1 instead. Playstation would have been dead before it started because dvd players were brand new and expensive at the time.

So to sum it up, Blu-Ray crippled the Playstation name in my opinion. What’s your opinion on the matter?

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  1. Err, sorry, but I have to disagree with you on the whole Blu-Ray thing.

    First of all, the Nintendo Wii also came out a year later after the 360, and it’s Wiimote wand controller was so popular it dominated the gaming market. Also Microsoft kinda had a head start with the 360.

    Second, Blu-Ray was busy competing in the high definition disk media wars against Toshiba’s (and Microsoft’s) HD DVD, which Blu-Ray later won. BTW, do you see ANY other gaming console w/ Blu-Ray?

    Third-on the PS1 thing, the PS1 came out in 1994, 3 years BEFORE DVD came out (1997).

    Fourth, Blu-Ray wasn’t the only thing on the PS3. The PS3 could also play PS2 and PS1 discs, DVDs/CDs, use flash cards for media, had third-party OS support, and had PlayStation Network.

    Last, Blu-Ray was a total overhaul on DVDs, probably the reason why it delayed Sony a year-It played movies in HD, had new interactive menu features, had about 10x the storage on DVDs (50GB), and could connect ONLINE with BD Live-PS3 was also the first Blu-Ray player on the market.

  2. No man the Blu-Ray is something u should be proud of its not a thing that made sony fall

    plus being in 3rd place was history today sony is getting alot of Exclusives for their console plus

    if the developers wanted to put some of those exclusive games on the other consoles they cant

    I personally think that something like GT5 or God of War 3 is something that they wont be able to put on an HD DVD even if they use more than a disc

    I mean look at Xbox Forza 3 was on 2 Discs and had about half the number of cars that will be in GT5 imagine then GT5 on 4 Discs for Xbox this is impossible and polyphonic wont give them GT5

    If u wanna know why sony fall (my personal opinion so no offense ) u know when the 360 and Wii came out after that with a short time they were chipped and Were able to pirate all their games all over the internet but look at the PS3 even till this moment the PS3 werent even had a bit of hack in it thats what make the people who prefer to pirate games to choose chipped consoles over the ones who only play original copies

    anyways dont blame it in the high tech of the ps3 bcoz its the best in today even the sales have rose this year too much u will notice over time that its place is above 3rd far above

  3. Firstly, I dont think PS3 has fell in the console wars. PS3 still has some console life years left, and its sales will increase with the newly introduced 300$ model.

    Secondly, I dont think it was Blu-Ray which resulted in lesser sales, it was the overpriced introduction of the console. Introduction of Blue-Ray in the PS3 only confirmed death of HD-DVD format. Also, the game developers had a tough time working around with the cell processor and the SDU provided by Sony, which resulted in some games coming out with poor/mediocre quality and some developers backed off.

  4. Firstly, PS3 was is or will never be a failure. It’s the 3rd fastest selling console in the history of gaming (1st=PS2, 2nd=Wii). It’s sold more units per year then the 360 (360 is at 32 million in 4 years whereas PS3 is at 27 million in 3 years), so by the law of averages, PS3 is ahead by the 360 by a good 2-3 million per annum which is a great sign for a console which has been nearly 2wice the price of the 360 from launch until now when the Slim landed and price came down.

    PS3 should ALWAYS have a Blu-Ray player are you out of your freaking MIND! Games like killzone 2, Uncharted 2, MGS4, God Of War 3. All use more than 30GB, and it’s impossible to cramp them in 4-5 DVDs due to royalties charged by companies. Blu-Ray allows devs to put uncompressed data unlike the 360 version hence PS3 supports 7.1 channel surround sound and high resolution textures are allowed if a dev uses it properly (Example each level in Killzone 2 has more than 2 GB of high res textures PER LEVEL).

    I really think you are new to this man, but a PS3 without a Blu-Ray is bad for the gaming industry in general. We would have never seen games I mentioned above if it wasn’t for that. And that PS1 logic is also flawed. At the time of PS1, VCDs were the then Blu-Rays, It was the PS1 which made VCDs mass market, same is the case with PS2 and it pushed DVDs into more than 150 million homes making it mass market.

    And here are a few stats. Blu-Ray has a higher adoption rate then DVDs when they first came out. To put in layman’s term, people are accepting Blu-Ray as a format faster than when DVDs came out over VCDs. And the main % of Blu-Ray players out there are PS3s (more than 70). So you see, even here in this case, PS3s are pushing Blu-Rays in the homes of people. Just wait 2-3 more years and then see what the advantages of Full HD 1080P Blu-Rays are.

    Like it or not, Blu-Rays are the future and will replace DVDs in the near future. Digital downloads cannot still supplement a physical format this gen and so Blu-Ray will have prime importance dow the line and ultimately it’s the PS3 that benefits as Blu-Ray popularity grows.

    And geez it’s just been 3 years since the PS3 launch give it a break. It’s just 5-6 million behind the 360!! 5-6 million is peanuts in this industry (PS3 sold 1.3 million is September due to Slim.1.3 in one month!!). Just wait till the end of this gen and PS3 will at least surpass the 360 in terms of sales, I can bet my PS3 on that. Every year Sony aims to sell 10-12 million consoles and so far they have been reaching their goals quiet well. And so if you count the 10 year cycle, that accounts to nearly 100 million PS3 sold (more since more buyers will come as price hits less than 200$).

    Blu-Rays are the future and after this gen ends, don’t be surprised if PS4 uses it as well. Recent 10 layer Blu-Rays seem to cramp in more than 500GB. That is the future.

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  6. i have to diagree

    lol i was bored yesterday and asked gamestop which is better and has better costumer satifaction he said ps3

    graphics are better

    and what really kills 360 is the red ring of death

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