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Xbox says I don’t have Xbox live gold?


Ok so I bought some tomb raider promotion codes each code was a 14 day xbox live gold membership. So a couple days ago I got them I used one and I got live gold and I played games online and did all that cool stuff. But when I log on xbox.com on my account is says I don’t have gold. Also a game called dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi was having a sale for gold members for $10! I tried to get it but it for some reason says I don’t have gold. I HAVE gold I do all the features that gold members have but xbox for some reason I don’t know why says I don’t have it even though I do. Can someone help me? I really wanted to buy that dragon ball z game for $10 but it won’t detect my gold membership.

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  1. Hey,

    If you click here on the link you can download for free Dragon Ball Z MUGEN: [url is not allowed]

    For Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts out there, try this 2D game that surely you will enjoy. DBZ MUGEN Edition 2 is a game released on 16-bit systems with enhanced gameplay and a collection of DBZ characters to choose from. You can play with Goku in his super Saiyan form, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Cell and DBZ other well-known characters.

    For me, it’s the best game ever.

  2. You don’t have Gold, you have a trial.

    Trials codes aren’t full Gold memberships. You don’t get access to sales or the free Games with Gold, and you need real Gold memberships (1 month or longer) to get them. All they give you is access to Multiplayer and certain other Gold-only features like Netflix and the like.

  3. A 14-day code isn’t exactly a membership, it’s just a test, meaning that you don’t actually have all the features you can get with a Gold membership, you can only play online.

    You have to buy at least a 1 month membership code to be able to download the game.

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