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XBOX Networking Question?


So here’s my current setup:

(Note that everything is wired and wireless is not yet an option)

Internet modem is in my basement

XBOX360 is also in the basement in another room, close enough to run a CAT5 cable to it from the first room

My Computer + Router is on the 2nd floor in my room, connected to the modem via long CAT5 cables

My question is, how can I connect my xbox to the internet without anymore cables going up to my room.

Would I need an additional router or switch? How would I network it?

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  1. Wireless doesn’t really work very well between floors so your best bet is to stay wired.

    Does your internet modem have more than a single cat-5 port? If it does just run cat 5 from the modem to your Xbox. If not your best bet would be to buy a switch which you would place next to your internet modem. then connect the switch to the modem, the line from your router upstairs and the Xbox. you can get a 5 port 10/100 switch at newegg.com for $12.99 with free shipping (link below).

    The only gotcha you might have is depending which device is running DHCP to hand out IP addresses on your network (DHCP is a setting on your router’s Admin page. there is usually a check box to turn it on or off. if you have more than one device with DHCP enabled on your network will have problems). if your router is running DHCP and the router’s WAN port is connected to the internet modem this configuration might not work for you. in that case you would want a wired (or wireless) router instead of the switch in the basement. connect the WAN side of this router to your internet modem. and connect the Xbox and router from upstairs to the new router. make sure the upstairs router is using a LAN port and not the WAN port and turn off DHCP on the upstairs router but leave it on for the downstairs one.

    I’ll check back and update my answer if you update your question.

    . after rereading your question I noticed you said cableS to upstairs. are there two? if so you can save a cable run by connecting the computer to the router directly on one of it’s LAN ports.

    Good luck,

  2. I’m no expert. But I’ve taken a few networking classes. I don’t Think adding another modem and router would work because an ISP only sells you one external IP address per connection. This address isassignedd to your router and is used to send data across the internet without running out of addresses on the internet.

    It seems to me that another router and modem would require a second External IP address so Im 90% sure adding another Router and modem wont work

  3. first you say the xbox is the basement then you say its in your room.

    unplug the cables from your Computer and put them in the xbox.

    and if do consider wireless go to my site for free and cheap ways to do it

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