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Xbox Live Gamertag Complaints?


How many complaints on your gamertag does it take to change it?

Just asking because i’ve asked my friends to do it, and it still hasn’t changed, and i sent the message to about 60 of my friends.

DISCLAIMER: If you are going to make a comment about me being cheap because i want to change my name for free, then go ahead, i’d rather be cheap than be an idiot and spend money to change my name online.

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  1. i don’t know how many complaints exactly, but i can tell you why its not working. you can’t file a complaint on a friend. so if you are on someones friends list a complaint won’t go through. they have to remove you and then file the complaint

  2. yeah sorry that’s a-thing of the past. It sucks but you have to pony up the money to change it. They will banned you and any of your friends for a few days if you try this.

  3. Sorry dude, Microsoft have prevented people doing this by getting Xbox Live staff to manually check the Gamertag to check if it’s actually offensive or inappropriate. They brought this in when they found out people were getting free Gamertag changes. Unless your gamertag is actually offensive, getting your friends to file a complaint won’t work.

    @ryan Actually, your friends CAN file a complaint on your account. For example, if you change your GT to something offensive towards someone on your friendslist, whether it’s by accident (for example, racism) or not, they still have the right to report it.


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