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xbox live for 360 help?


i just got an xbox 360 elite and got my xbox live on it. i have played already on it but the only problem is that when i have to use it, i have to unplug the internet connection ethernet cable to plug in my xbox live ethernet cable, meaning i can play xbox live but noone can be using the internet. the mosdem that i am using is a 2wire yahoo dsl modem. is there any way to put botethernet cables in at the same time t be able to play live and go on the internet at the same time?

these are the pix of the modem:

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thanks alot =)

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  1. You can buy a router and hook up your modem into your router and then hook up your computer and your xbox into the router. Then you can do both at the same time and if you have more than one computer you can hook up that to the router too (Unless it has a wireless connnection like most labtops).

  2. get the linksys wireless router and install it where the modem is and run the either net through the router and the xbox then go buy a linksys wireless adapter for your pc which plugs into your usb port on the back of your computer either plug and play will detect it and install it or you will need to install the software providered and there ya go both people can use the internet at the same time it’s real easy plus if you don’t know what you are doing linksys has free 24/7 tech support and will help you over the phone install the hardware

  3. Routers are really easy to install. I have a Lynksys router, and it’s really simple to install. Just put in the installation disk and follow the directions. It basically test to make sure you have a connection, then it will ask you to connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the router, then the ethernet cable from the PC to the router. Then it will do another test connection. If there’s a connection, you do the password thing, etc.

    You can get a router from about 20 to 50 bucks.

  4. You need a router so you can have wireless internet on ur computer and then use the ethernet cable to have the 360 plugged directly

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