1. you linked em so as long as the other one exsists, you cant link your new tag with the email with it.

    course of action: cancel and delete the old account, then link the new one with the address

    other solutions?

    only other solution i can think of off the top of my head is to make a new email for the tag and set it up to forward all new mail to the address you want to use. idk if you could reply to things the same way, but itd keep u up to date on notifications if thats what your after.

  2. To switch the Hotmail/Live account to a new gamertag, you must first create a new Hotmail/Live account to be sent to the old gamertag.

    Gamertags cannot be left without a Hotmail account, so you need to go into Account Management/Profile Settings on your gamertag and enter in your new Hotmail account into that box.

    Next, create your new gamertag or go into the new gamertag’s settings and enter in your real e-mail address.

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