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Xbox kinect hard drive?


I have an Xbox Kinect and I need a hard drive to buy Minecraft for it. Any recommendations?

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  1. The Xbox Kinect can’t take a hard drive or play minecraft. It is just a camera controller system for the Xbox 360 console. The console can only use sbox branded hard drives. But for downloading games from xbox live you should be able to use most USB flash drives between 1 and 16 gb.

  2. You can only buy the Xbox brand hard drives. There’s the 250GB and 320GB. Honestly, I doubt most folks will ever fill up the 250GB drive, so just get that one.

    If you feel lucky you can even buy a used drive from Gamestop.

    Just make sure it’s a drive that’s for your 360. There are different drives for the current Slim models and the older “fat” models.

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