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Xbox Extender into Laptop?


Ive looked at numerous guides and whatnot on youtube. Some say you need a router. I have it directly hooked up via Ethernet cord. And when i’m doing the extender, it simply won’t work. Is there any other issues i need to look into?

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  1. I think you might have your information backwards.

    You can not “extend” your XBox into your laptop.

    however, if your laptop has Microsoft Media CENTER (not Media PLAYER), then you need to fire up the Media Center on your laptop, then fire up your XBox, and scroll left on the My XBox selections and you will see the Media Center selection.

    Click on this, and if I recall, you will need to do a linking, which means you need to put in your XBox serial number, but I dont remember because I did it over a year ago.

    Anyway, then you can watch items on your Media Center through your XBox, including music, movies, television and other things.

    Also, I’ve noticed with mine, it seems to move rather slowly at first, so it must have an extended load time, since youre sharing all the information over your ethernet connection.

    But it does work, and is a nice function.

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