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Xbox 360 Slim not running games properly?


I’ve had the 250gb slim for a little over a week now. I think the hard drive may be damaged. When I play games, it takes a long time to do miniscule tasks. For instance, when playing fallout, bringing up the pip boy and cycling the menus takes a significant amount of time, very noticeable. When playing sims 3, faces in the list won’t show and the clouds above peoples heads are empty. Conversations make the characters freeze and the sound goes in and out. The game also crashes on a regular basis. I didn’t think much of this on fallout, as it’s always been buggy. But Sims has never given me issues.

It’s almost like playing a PC game with inadequate specs. Everything is groggy and doesn’t load properly. Has anyone had these issues with their slim? A couple of important things.

1. Yes I install my games and run off hard drive.

2. Yes I have tried clearing my cache.

Any ideas for solutions would be much appreciated.

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