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Xbox 360 red ring of death or new xbox?


We have an xbox 360 that We have had for about 3 years. It just recently got the red ring of death and we are debating on sending it in yo get fixed or if it would be cheaper to just buy a new xbox? So If anyone has this experience with the red ring of death is will really help. We don’t want to try and fix it our self and we have double checked that it is the red ring of death. If any one know how much it is to send in and get it fix.

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  1. About $100 call 1800-4-my-xbox and talk to them. I would just get a new one though. Still call them, it may still be under warranty.

  2. I had the same problem you could call in to microsoft the number is (800)469-9269 it will cost about$100 or you can fill out the paper work online and save a little i bought a new xbox I bought a memory transfer cable also in total it cost about $300 dollars but it has a large memory the only thing is it had a lower quality video cable so i ended up using my old one the power cable is different also i would suggest you go online just type in support.360.com and click on request repiar in the top right corner it alot cheaper than a new xbox and you wont have to pay extra to call i think the price onlin is $100 and the price to call is $120

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