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xbox 360 jasper rrod and e74?


im afraid of rrod and specially e74 because xbox 360 in my country is modded.is it still worth to buy xbox 360?or maybe i should buy a ps3 or pc

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  1. Here’s a complete free guide on the RRoD:

    [url is not allowed]

    You will find out information on how to:

    1: Causes

    2: Prevention

    3: Fixes

    4: Stats

    Just get yourself a repair guide, it’s seriously the easiest thing to do and you’ll be up and running same day.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  2. The cause of the Red ring of death is several issues combining to cause the issue.

    1st) Heat. The older gpu, and cpu chips are quite large in size. The GPU has a very substandard heatsink located directly under the DVD drive making it hard for heat to escape.

    2) when heat occures it can cause the main board to warp, or bend since Microsoft used a very poor system to secure the board to the case. Several of the case/board standoffs are not the same height.

    3) Lead free solder. Since this is considered an electronic “Toy” they have to use lead free solder as lead is really bad for kids (Even though they should never come in contact with the solder in the first place)

    Lead free solder cracks when heated and flexed. This is actually the RROD. The chip heats up the board in one place, the heatsink cannot get rid of the heat so the board flexes causing the solder to crack causing “Cold solder joints”

    Now Microsoft introduced the “Jasper” chipset. What this is is much smaller GPU, and CPU chips. Smaller chips produce less heat. They also have new, and much better heatsinks for the GPU and CPU that helps get rid of heat much better than the older ones. SO basically less heat produced and better way of getting rid of it makes for a much lower chance of a rrod.

    Unfortunatly however Microsofts case is still poorly designed, and there is still the lead free solder issue. This however is much much less likely in the Jasper units. Keep it cool, and you should have no problems.

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