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Why won’t my xbox 360 connect to xbox live?


When i first got my xbxo 360 i connected it directly to my modem. I got the ethernet cable out of my pc and then put it into the xbox 360. Everything went fine, the 360 connected and i played on live. The next day i put the ethernet cable back into my pc and i couln’t connect to the internet. I fixed this by calling up my isp and they resetted my modem. I was again able to browse the internet on my computer but once i put the ethernet cable back into my xbox 360 it wouldn’t connect to live anymore, i don’t know what the problem is. Does anyone know how to fix this problem. And i have now bought a router before someone tries to recommend me buying one.

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  1. try this:

    go to start on your pc,click run and type in cmd then click ok.black window appears,type in ipconfig/all or getmac(depends on pc)and hit return.now copy the details shown:

    physical address-

    ip address-

    subnet mask-

    default gateway-dns servers(first number is primary and second is the alternative)

    Now shut down pc and set top box and 360.Then plug the ethernet cable into the 360.

    Switch the 360 on and go to xbox live and account info.

    Go to settings and go to ip address/subnet mask/gateway and press A.

    Then go to dns server set configure to manual and input the info from your pc into the boxes.

    Now go to primary dns/alternate dns and press A.

    Then go to pppoe settings,this should be configure set as off, press A.

    At the mac address type in info from pc which was against physical address(mixture of letters and numbers)

    Now switch on set top box and let it reboot.When its on fully go to xbox menu and press connect.

    The set top box will now think its talking to the pc rather than the xbox and should connect.

    Now just sign in and give your details.

    If it still doesnt let you connect then reboot the set top box with the xbox on and hopefully it will work.

    after all this typing it had better!

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