Home Playstation Forum Why is xbox more popular if the ps3 is a better system?

Why is xbox more popular if the ps3 is a better system?


I own an xbox and a ps3, but i find myself still playing xbox as i hardly ever play my ps3. Is it just a preference or is xbox gaming just funner? It just seems to me that the ps3 is for more of a personal play by yourself gaming experience and the xbox is more for online competative gaming with more focus on the online community. what do you guys think?

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  1. Xbox tends to be more popular because not only from a wider range of age appropriate games, its online capibilities (xbox live) is much better then the PS3 (PSN). HOWEVER psn is free, but is not as reliable or as good as live. but the ps3 does have better software within the system (blu-ray player, better graphics in games, etc.) It just depends on witch u prefer, so more people tend to lean towards xbox.

  2. I think theres no point comparing as they both do the exact same thing and thats play games and thats the only thing that should really matter is the games

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