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Why is the Xbox Family pack not allowing me to connect live with 2 accounts on the same xbox?


On my xbox I have me and and my brother on there, we are both xbox live gold members. But he decided to get the family pack gold member to make it cheaper for our family. Though we havent added everyone to it yet. He has the xbox family pack, while I’m still an original xbox live gold member. When we both try to log in, it says that he cannot log into xbox live, then it logs both of us out. A better example I logged in first, on the dashboard, it signed me into live. Then he signs in and gives an error message saying he can’t log in basically. It does the same to me if he logs in first( which it lets him log in to live) then I log in after and says I can’t log in. We tried playing Gears of War 2 together on the same console on an online match and it wouldn’t let both of us on at the same time. Any clue on whats going on with this family pack? I did this same test on another console, but both players had original gold accounts(Not a family pack account) and both were able to play on the same console on an online match on Gears of War 2 and both were able to log in on the dashboard with no error message. HELP PLEASE. Thanks.

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  1. Just have your brother add your account to the family one. If you have any llive membership remaining on yours half of it will transfer over to the family account so you’ll get extra time. For example, if you have two months left and you join his family account you’ll each get an extra month of live. It’ll solve your problems.

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