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Why does my ps3 keep yloding?


i have a 40gb ps3 and i’ve reflowed it, and it works for about 5 minutes then ylods again, this has happened about 3 or 4 times. I bought a no clean flux bottle off of ebay, its clear and it smells a bit like rubbing alcohol. I’ve fluxed the black chips and the vga/cpu but i still get the same result, a 5 minute fix. ALso, i reflow it at 800 degrees farenheit. Any tips on what im doing wrong? i just want it to work.

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  1. i have heard that some of the older ps3’s motherboards are not good. So if you fix the ps3 and the yellow light keeps coming back it would mean the motherboard is gone. The yellow light is meaning there is a failure in the startup

  2. maybe since you obviously don’t know what you’re doing you should have left it to a professional?

    you probably fried the motherboard , it should never get beyond 90 degrees. that’s all it takes to fry all the chips on a motherboard.

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