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Why does my Playstation 3.?


It’s starting to make a kind of “Horse” sound now. I don’t know why, can someone explain to me? No xbot answers please.
It’s not overheating. I turn it on, it sort of makes a loud noise in the back and I clean it’s area everyday so I don’t think it’s dust.

After I play like Killzone, go to the XMB, it suddenly makes a huge noise, can’t explain it.
Update 2:
I don’t put it in a carpet.
Update 3:
Ok, my PS3 kind of makes this kind of noise but lighter. Hope it helps lol.

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  1. Horse like when it turns on or what? Like when does it do that?

    I never had that problem before, maybe you should call Sony for it.

  2. well mine did that once but it got the ylod so stop whatever your doing. one time i got grounded and put it in the cubber and was playing it and it would be louder in there than it was in top of my dresser so if theres anything blocking the air from blowing out put in an open area, also dont put it on carpet either.

  3. Horse sound. Hmmmm.Well maybe its overheating, try not to leave it over night and what not. Maybe its a internal problem, or it just has dust in it, Horse sounds doesnt help lol.

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