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Why does it seem like the Xbox 360 graphics are quite low quality after you’ve not played it in a while?


Ok, so I bought the new Xbox 360 Slim model with the included 250GB for a very good price, brand new and all. I moved all my stuff from old 360 model to the new one through the data transfer cable fine, and all my DLC and stuff is there. Now I’ve not played on the 360 since maybe October or November last year, mainly because I’ve been doing a lot more PC gaming since I bought a new PC in August – playing games like Crysis and Crysis 2 and some of the heavy duty PC games. I wanted to test the ability of the PC, and so decided to see how some of my 360 games compare when played on PC, so I bought Mass Effect 1 and 2; GTA: IV and Batman Arkham Asylum all for PC. Now I know its obvious what many say, that PC gaming without a doubt gives better performance in terms of graphics and speed. So now, (a couple of months later) I’ve returned to playing some of the same games on 360, and my oh my, there is a huge difference. Mass Effect especially I am particularly surprised by runs more smoother and better on PC. The main striking differences that I am noticing, is that a lot of lines seem jagged and there appears to be a lot of rough edges and textures, such as on buildings and, outlines of characters etc. not just on Mass Effect, but also on Batman: AA – and to a great degree Red Dead Redemption (although this game is not available for PC). Especially GTA:IV, which is one of my favourite looking games on the 360; now it seems like its just extremely low quality with the rough edges and such on the 360. So my question is this, why if I’ve never been particular about these things before, how come all of a sudden that my perception towards a lot of the graphics in the games I’ve mentioned seem low quality when played on the 360? I mean i’ve been playing on my old 360 since 2007 when I bought it, and I’ve only just got into PC gaming recently – and even then I thought the 360 is still very good in delivering on graphics. Is it due to something to do with the new model Xbox – are they faulty; perhaps my TV – LG M227WD (which I doubt there is a problem with, as this has played my games fine for over a year); maybe the display settings on the 360. I’m not too sure, but I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same after they’ve not played it in a long time. I’m not trying to troll, and I would appreciate it if there were no fanboy comments. I’m not a fanboy myself, I own all consoles and I enjoy them all the same. So anyone answers would just be helpful in seeing if anyone feels the same way.

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  1. because you have been playing games on your pc that’s why. You need to remember the xbox is 5 years old, and your pc graphics card is probably a lot newer.

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