Home Xbox Forum Why are pc gamers such * toawrd console gamers?

Why are pc gamers such * toawrd console gamers?


i have always played on consoles since a child i had a nes snes than ps1 ps2 ps3 and 360 but every time in youtube i always hear some douch pc gamer ow man consoles are * just buy a pc and stop wastig your money well maybe we dont have tons of cash or arent spoiled little brats whos parents will go buy them a 5000 dollar gaming rig besides to me pc games are way to cmplilicated seems like you always have to update * to play and are a million more button combinations to do a simple task

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  1. Youtube comments will say anything about everything, don’t let it bother you.

    I stopped liking consoles after the 16-bit era. They were great for 2D platform games but after that, PC was much better. Not just graphically but because of customization, depth of the games and continuous downward compatibility. I still like older consoles but the modern ones don’t appeal to me.

    It doesn’t cost lots of money to play games on a PC. Most people have a PC whether they game on it or not. A cheap video card is fine for most games, despite what some of the big-spenders say. Some people choose to spend a fortune but that’s not required.

    The only thing I have against consoles is that nowadays the gameplay design of some PC games gets dumbed down to appeal to the console market, because they’re being sold on both platforms. But that’s really the devs fault. Other than that it’s no skin off my nose if people have consoles.

    The updating and DRM stuff does suck. I avoid games that require Steam or similar schemes to play.

  2. Not all PC gamers are like that and as you can probably guess, any comments that hate on consoles are the only one which come to your attention. I know many PC gamers who’s attitude towards consoles is that they are less powerful machines but it’s the gamers preference to what they use. I completely agree, I play on the Xbox mostly but I’m not going to deny that my PC which to put it simply in total costs little more than a new 250GB Xbox 360 can play games with better setting and higher quality. PC’s will always be superior for graphics and performance even when buying hardware of similar price to a console. Also to be fair, you ask why PC gamers are such”*” towards console gamers yet you are here calling PC gamers spoiled little brats, if you are going to complain about how people refer to you then don’t in your complaint badly refer to them.

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  4. I agree. Personally, I can’t understand why anyone even considers the PC a gaming machine. Computers are for the internet, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, ebay, video and photo editing, and SO many other things. I have never had any interest in playing games on my PC. I only played a few games and hated every one of them. For me, my Nintendo consoles are better than ANYTHING on the PC etc. When it comes to game consoles, the PC is at the very bottom of my list of interests. In fact, it’s not even ON my list.

  5. I do agree that their attitudes in general are pretty irritating, but until you learn proper grammar you won’t accomplish anything with questions like this besides making yourself look like an angry little kid.

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