Home Xbox Forum Which xbox 360 games can i get quick easy gamepoints from?

Which xbox 360 games can i get quick easy gamepoints from?


due to changing my gamertag ive lost all my points, so what games can i play to get quick easy gamepoints

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  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth

    watch this video, guy get 1000 gamerscore in under 5 min.

    [url is not allowed]

  2. too many too name,

    avatar being one, spend 2 mins for 100 points

    csi is another easy 1000 but takes a while and is boring.

    king kong i think you get 1000 for completing the game.

    lots of american spots games give easy points.

    there are other shooters etc which give small points for completing levels but you have to want to play them to get decent points. – cod 2 – 200 for completing game on any level (even easy) then 60 points per level on veteran. similar ith COD 4. just play the games you like, enjoy and slowly build your point,s they dont get you anything, or prove nothing

  3. To get quick gamer-score points i play NBA 08, you get gamer points by getting rebounds,certain points,certain shots. And left 4 dead is extremely easy you get the points for beating levels ^_^

  4. colin mcrae dirt – i played it for like half a day and got loads of points without completing it, a good day session will yield like 1000 GS

  5. uhm , i think the crappy online games they have on there are easy to get points on.

    Gears of war was really easy to get points on cause you get achievements for doing death matches and stuff.

    Burnout Revenge is another good one.


  6. Avatar is the #1 achievement whore game out there. There’s also:

    Lost: Via Domus

    King Kong

    Fight Night Round 3

    Tomb Raider: Legend

    Assassin’s Creed

    Rayman Raving Rabbids

    Viva Pinata

    and just about any kids game or game based on a movie like the Cars games, Bee Movie game, Madagascar, Harry Potter, etc.

    Keep in mind that most other gamers know which games are played solely for boosting your gamerscore and will give you flack if they see them on your list.

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