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Which Ps3 Should i Get 60Gb Or 80Gb Why?


wat ps3 to get

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  1. Depends what your going to be doing, but I’d say go with which one is cheaper. Both those hard drives are big and have plenty of room to store music and downloaded content and you really dont need much room on them to save games.

  2. If you have PS2 games get the 60 gig and if you trying to save money get the 60 gig because that is plenty of room for your games and media

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  3. Which 80GB are you talking about?

    There is one that is not on stores now, and one that is. They’re both different.

    The 60GB is just too expensive, so I’d say go with the 80GB that is now on stores (new condition).

  4. I’de go for the 60gb PS3, since it has Compact Flash cards, SD memory cards which is great for importing photos and videos. Another good feature of the 60gb is that it offers backward compatibility, which basically means you can still play the PS2 and PS1 games. The one bad thing about the 60gb is that Sony stopped manufacturing them and they’re really hard to find and they’re all either used or refurbished

  5. 60GB are off the market and you would have to buy a used one. However 60GB are backwards compatible and are more useful. But if you want a new one go with the 80GB

  6. the old 60 gig model was backwards compatible, whereas the newer 80 gigs aren’t: possibly why the 60 gig refurbished model costs more at gamestop.

    they do have 80 gig ones that are backwards compatible, but they too are difficult to find.

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