Home Playstation Forum where can i get a hdd for 12gb super slim ps3 so...

where can i get a hdd for 12gb super slim ps3 so that i can get more space?


Thank u guys i really need this space for my ps3

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  1. To upgrade your 12 GB model ps3 you’ll need a 2.5 inch sata 5400 rpm hard drive and a ps3 hard drive caddy , both are available at amazon.com or you can buy the hard drive at any local store that sells computers and computer hardware and the caddy online or maybe at a local pc repair shop

    the hdd is available in several sizes , I recommend a 500 GB hard drive.

    [url is not allowed].


  2. I have just researched your question and found it cheapest at :

    [url is not allowed]

    Product Review includes.5″ width- These are notebook hard drives and that size is what you are looking for. 3.5″ desktop hard drives will not fit. 9.5mm Height- This is normal but keep an eye out for drives that may be smaller or bigger because they will not fit. 5400 RPM speed- Although the PS3 can handle the faster 7200RPM, you run the risk of overheating the system for a few milliseconds faster in loading time. The original drive that came with your console is 5400RPM so make sure the new one is as well. SATA drive, other interfaces such as ATA or IDE will not have the correct connections to fit in the PS3.

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