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When i recieve my PS3, i will be hooking it up to my LCD Samsung TV (More details inside) PLEASE TRY HELP ME!?


When i receive my PS3 from America, I will be using it on a SAMSUNG LCD TV, which is PAL i think because i bought it from Australia, Harvey Norman.

Anyways when i receive it can i just hook it all up then play straight away or am i needing to get somethings apart from the games?

Here are somethings that i found out about the TV:

There is 2 Green Holes, 2 Blue Holes, 4 Red Holes, 2 White Holes,

Model Number: LA46S81BDX

Has Something called on the back ”HDMI In” and under it is 2 rectangular black port kinda things.

Please list them and you will be 1 heck of a life saver + i will also give you the 10 Points + the 2 you receive for Answering + i will be your fan!


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  1. the ps3 doesnt come with any HD cables to hook up to the tv, it comes with regular rca hook up, which is a yellow for video red and white for audio.

    your tv has 2 component inputs which are:

    the blue , green, red which are use for video and then the red and white for audio.

    best thing to do is buy an hdmi cable.

    since both your tv and the ps3 use them, your hdmi cable does both video and audio threw the one cable, and supports resolutions up to 1080p.

  2. lol you have asked this question a lot now.

    Get your ps3. Hook it up by HDMI

    Ps3 will work on your tv no matter what! just get your ps3 get some games and get an HDMI cable and there you go it’ll work

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