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When I go see the status of my 360 on xbox.com it says “You have no registered Devices” What does that mean?


If you didn’t get the problem in full I will explain it: Whenever I went to xbox.com to check the status of my broken Xbox 360 it says,”You have no registered devises”. What does this mean? Is it bad?
Also, does it have anything to do with or will it affect the repair or replacement process in the shop or is it just a website mess-up?
Update 2:
Also, whenever I check later that day when it happens the same serial code is there as before.

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  1. What it most likely means is that they received your 360, deemed that the issue it had could not be repaired in a timely fashion, and are sending you a refurbished 360. To send you the different refurbished 360 they had to remove the other one from your registered items and add the new one. they may not register the new one to your name util they ship it.

    Your best bet would be to call customer service and ask them directly though just to make sure everything is going as planned and to possibly get your new tracking number for the shipment back to you.

  2. I have the same problem but it wont let me register my xbox.My mom tried to register it when we got it but it would not let us.But ours broke and we called and it is in the repair shop now and they said they registered but I still dont know how it works.except there was never any serial number on the web site.They never put it up.

  3. call the people first then tell your code to them if they say the same thing just wait a day then call again but don’t sweat it takes a little to three weeks to get it back

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