Home Xbox Forum When are they going to stop making Xbox 360?

When are they going to stop making Xbox 360?


I’m interested in buying one but if there going to stop making them and the games theres no point.

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  1. dude thats not gonna happen till a long time p.s. get the new 60GB pro because the arcade is shitty and the elite is to picky.

  2. Chances are, Microsoft will stop making the Xbox 360 near the time they release a new console. The Xbox 360 games are probably most likely to be manufactured even after the console stops being manufactured.

  3. nope microsoft has a 7-10 year plan for 360 and the head leader of the 360 2 months ago said there going suppourt it after the 720 coimes out so there be a few but not many coming after the new systems come

    most likly it 9-10 year for new xbox because sony has a 10 year plan

    and if it 7 years it be 2012 before a new one is heard let alone out yet

  4. Not for a while, any new gen console released for it mi ght be when the 360 is dying down on productivity. It’s on a rising scale as of this year, so probably not for a few years.

  5. no one really knows but theres a rumor that in 2010 or later, there will be a new 360 coming out thats supposed to be 10 times better than the 360, but they might not stop making 360’s for a while because you know how some ppl stick to old trends. like the original xbox.

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