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What’s wrong with my Xbox 360?


I got my Xbox brand-new for Christmas and I seem to be having a major problem now. I was playing it with no difficulties this morning, but when I took it apart and put it away for family guests, it seems to have suffered damage despite my carfull handeling. When I put it back together, I was only able to hear the sound and not see the screen. I have tried blowing in the plugs and restarting my 360 numerous times to no avail. I’m not sure is the cord that connects to the t.v. is the problem because the sound still seems to work. Has anyone had this problem?

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  1. This seems to be a big problem for xbox however before you send it off and pay more than a hundread bucks you might be interested in this site.

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  2. Did you check on the AV cable (the end that plugs into the 360) to make sure that it’s on HD or Standard TV?

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