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What’s wrong with my PS3?


Ok so about last week my PS3 started not showing anything on the TV screen in my room whenever I turned it on. I checked to make sure I had the right input and everything was plugged in ttigt, and everything was, but still no picture on the tv. I connect my PS3 using an HDMI cable since I don’t have the regular component cables (my dog chewed through them). So I tried connecting my PS3 to the family room tv and everything was fjne. The picture showed and so did the sound so I thought it was the port on my TV that wasn’t working, but just to make sure I plugged in my xbox 360 with the same HDMI cable, and it was working fine on my tv. So now I’m confused as to why my ps3 wont work on my TV, only the family room tv, but my xbox will, and I’m using the same exact cable. Help please, I’m 15 and I’m not experienced with this type of stuff. Also, my ps3 plays on the same settings on both tv’s which is 1080p.

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  1. Plug your ps3 in, with your tv on the right channel. Then hold down your power button to turn it on, and hold until it beeps a second time. This will likely fix it. If not, I can not help you.

  2. The only thing I can think of as a very last resort is to maybe try a different HDMI cable. Even though it may work for other devices, for some reason sometimes changing it will make a difference. It’s weird, but I have seen / heard of it happening. If a different cable doesn’t fix it and you’ve done the Video Reset as Devin mentioned, then it’s hard to say exactly what the issue would be if everything else works.

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